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what My Hero Academia character are you quiz!

If you compare yourself to a character of “My Hero Academia”, you will be diagnosed by personality and personality of your choice! ! If the diagnostic result is correct, be sure to tweet 🙏 If the diagnostic result is not a recommended character, tweet and tell the recommended character 🙏[unofficial]

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“My Hero Academia” is a popular manga serialized in weekly Shonen Jump by Kohei Horikoshi since 2014. It was converted to TV anime in 2016, and the fourth season of anime began in October 2019. This story is a royal road story of a boy's manga that the hero who has no personality strives to strengthen. Everyone is growing to become the best hero in the world with some supernatural abilities.
The style and direction of American comics can be seen everywhere, and it is attractive for those who like Marvel comics such as X-MEN.
My personal character is “Hawks”! I want to be a character that can manage anything well that way. Also, if you hear Hawks from the fact that you originally lived in Fukuoka, you can't help feeling familiar. The Hawks, ranked 4th in the 4th popular vote, is of course included as one of the Quiz results.

Let's Quiz the hero's attributes!
Let's Enjoy!
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